Streetlife Young Driver Education (S.L.Y.D.E.)

Welcome to S.L.Y.D.E where our mission statement is "Learn to drive with confidence". Together with our Instructors aims to teach young drivers safe driving skills for life, added to the education programme being offered, we believe that this is an experience that all young drivers should have an opportunity to be part of.

S.L.Y.D.E is the FIRST Young Driver Scheme to offer the complete package of education and Young Driving Skills for life. This learning experience is currently being offered for people in areas throughout Essex aged from 14 years old upwards plus the perfect place for over 17s who are Nervous and would like to experience driving in a relaxed and safe environment before they go out on to the road.


Gazette-slyde View our press release in The Gazette from November 8th 2012

We are very excited and extremely honoured to have received our National Award being crowned Michelin Road Safety Champions, we have also received 3 awards for Best Driving initiative at the National Driving Golden “L” Awards after judges were impressed with the commitment to helping young people stay safe on the roads.

During our time we have worked with the Essex County Council Road Safety Officers and have learnt the true figures of killed or seriously injured young drivers.

Due to the alarming figures of Young drivers (17-24 years old) who are at a much higher risk of crashing than older drivers. Drivers aged 17-19 only make up 1.5% of UK licence holders but are involved in 9% of fatal and serious crashes where they are the driver.

S.L.Y.D.E was created and has produced a Young Driver Programme that is totally unique to help educate drivers from a young age and help reduce these figures.

The team at S.L.Y.D.E are very passionate about wanting to drive these figures down. On top of teaching Young Drivers, the driving skills for life, we have Emergency Response Services and local organisations come along (selected dates) to talk and educate everyone on all the aspects of driving. This is to educate under 17 young drivers the extra skills and to give them the knowledge they will need to make their driving future a fun and safe place to be.