We are very fortunate to be working out of a great venue. Colchester United Weston Homes Stadium, we have been there since S.L.Y.D.E was created back in 2012.

Essex Venue (Colchester)

Colchester United Weston Homes Stadium is one of the best venues in Essex for outside space along with a café to grab a coffee and views of our Driving areas. We also have use of the Fire and Rescue Service drink drive simulator, adding all this together it makes for a fun, exciting, educating and a very safe way to learn driving skills for life on their journey to a safer future out on the road.

Colchester United Football Club,
Weston Homes Community Stadium,
United Way,

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See the map above. Details of how to get to the Colchester United Weston Homes Stadium can also be found on the Colchester United FC website here.